Who Are We? 

Tom Leith 


After about 15 years in the health & fitness industry, I've learned from my mistakes and breakthroughs.

With hands-on experimentation in diet, performance, and rehabilitation, I've honed Holisium – The Holistic Gym.

I've trained with leading educators in rehab, psychology, performance, and nutrition. This equips me to assist clients with diverse needs, from serious injuries to mental health, eating disorders, and competitive athletes.

Witnessing every client's journey is my passion. I'm emotionally invested in their success, building strong bonds with each one.



Gym Manager

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Kinetic chain practitioner
BTN Nutrition coach



Strength and conditioning coach, sports massage therapist. 


CHEK Exercise coach. Sports massage therapist.


Strength & Conditioning Coach


Customer service, administration, receptionist